Flip Cam Integration at RMS


March 9, 2012 by Brad Currie

Recently Readington Middle School was awarded a grant from NJASCD which went towards purchasing a set of five flip cameras to be used in our classrooms. Mrs. Singer, our wonderful media specialist, applied for the grant and articulated with subject area teachers to establish lessons and ideas that would engage learners with relevant learning experiences. Below you will find just some of the ways in which our outstanding staff will integrate the flip cams.


Flip cams received through an NJ-ASCD grant will be used to engage students in new learning experiences.

World Languages:

  • Students will film skit presentations in Spanish class.. By viewing the presentations, students are able to evaluate their language skills and discuss, as a group, any corrections or improvements that may be needed. Skits and presentations are more valuable to the students if they are able to see and hear it multiple times. Having the ability to pause a video to reflect on different aspects of it helps the students improve the oral skills.
  • In order to practice their oral language skills in French class, students will break into groups and film a “fashion show” highlighting three outfits.  The students will narrate the video in French by describing each outfit in detail.
  • In one of the Spanish classes, students will create a music video completely in Spanish.  The students will combine their language skills with their creativity in choreographing the video and editing it to suit the song.

 Writing Literacy:

  • While learning about persuasive writing, select eighth grade students will adapt their writing skills to create a commercial.  The commercial will incorporate various propaganda techniques in order to persuade students to purchase a product or engage in an activity.


  • Selected 6th grade students will choose one character from the book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman.  They will prepare answers to interview questions by the local television news about the community garden.  They will film the interviews and answer as the character.  The students will show an even greater connection with the book when they revisit the text in order to support their answers. 

Cross-curricular Projects:

  • The entire eighth grade engages in a project entitled The 20/20 Project: Citizenship in Action.  This is a collaborative effort between social studies, writing, and reading teachers, as well as the library media specialist.  Students select an issue currently affecting the world today.  After researching the topics, students may use video cameras to film public service announcements in order to practice creating informational messages.
  • In the seventh grade, students participate in a project that studies The Odyssey in Writing and Reading classes, while putting the work into an historical and social context in social studies class.  Students may demonstrate their knowledge through the use of various media, including video to recreate key scenes from the book. 

As you can see this a very exciting time to be a teacher at Readington Middle School. Students will be using top notch educational technology equipment to comprehend and apply their learning experiences at a high level. The integration of flip cams is just one of the many strategies our excellent teaching staff uses to promote the success of all students and create classroom experiences that are relevant and engaging.

By: Brad Currie, Vice Principal @ Readington Middle School

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One thought on “Flip Cam Integration at RMS

  1. wtpowers35 says:

    Appreciate you sharing this post Brad. We also have some flipcams, but they don’t get used as much as they should. I will be sharing your post with our staff.

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