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July 16, 2012 by Brad Currie

As #Satchat embarks on its fourth month of existence I wanted to share some of the tools that have made it a success and in turn enables educators from around the world to expand their PLNs (Personal Learning Networks). On Thursday, July 26 at the inaugural Edcamp Leadership Unconference in Monroe Township, NJ, Scott Rocco (@scottrrocco) and I (@bcurrie5) will be doing a special edition of #Satchat. We will take a look back at how far many of us have come in the past year as it relates to the use of Twitter and expanding our PLNs. We will also take a look ahead at how we can expand our influence as educators with this useful tool and promote the success of all students.

This is definitely an exciting time in education and never for a second did any of us think that we would be able to connect on a daily basis and share unbelievable ideas, articles, lessons, links, videos, blog posts and documents. Twitter has made this become a reality now for all of us, the idea that we will always have real time information at our finger tips 24/7. Lets continue the movement of doing “whats best for kids” and using the many web 2.0 tools and resources available to engage learners and keep ourselves on the cutting edge of best practice education. Here is a look at the tools of #Satchat that can also be a staple in your own professional lives and the the daily learning experiences of students:

Audioboo ~
A great tool to create a brief three minute or less podcast that you can share with the world in seconds. #Satchat uses this tool for promotional purposes and sends it out on a daily basis via Twitter for all to hear. The uses in the classroom are endless. Teachers can use to inform and promote. Students can also give themselves a voice during a project or class assessment.

Storify ~
This very resourceful curating tool allows #Satchat to archive its weekly Twitter discussion and blast out for the world to see and use Tweets as a resource. Storify gives #Satchat participants a virtual “shout out” and a sense of contribution to the cause of PLN expansion. Looking at classroom uses, students can create an article or blog post on Storify that can incorporate appropriate Tweets and Facebook posts with their own words. Teachers can also create Storify posts to enrich their own learning and curriculum.

Twitter ~
Twitter is the ultimate tool for collaboration and communication. It has allowed school leaders, teachers and students to connect and share. #Satchat uses this tool on daily basis to promote, prepare and conduct unbelievable chat sessions every Saturday morning at 7:30 EST. Schools can use this great tool as a way to communicate, promote and engage stakeholders in the learning process. Classroom discussion can flourish and teachers can assess student’s knowledge based on the tweets they push out under a classroom hashtag. ~ enables #Satchat to bring together tweets that contain articles and links under the #Satchat hashtag and then automatically distributes an online newspaper that gives credit to people who spotted the links on the world wide web. Think of the impact that this web 2.0 could have on the classroom setting. Teachers or students could pump out a weekly or daily current event page containing articles related to the subject area being taught at the time. Schools could educate and inform stakeholders of current trends in education as it relates to their role in the process.

Wikispaces ~
A nice way to bring all thats on the web to one place. It is a simple space to showcase your school, business or initiative. It allows users to post links and information related to the topic at hand. Archives and other relevant information pertaining to #Satchat is always available and can be accessed by approved users.

Facebook ~
Facebook’s popularity allows #Satchat to reach educators and promote on a daily basis. Schools and districts can create their own Facebook page to keep stakeholders well informed of student achievements, staff accomplishments, engaging learning experiences and timely information. Tweets can be automatically linked to Facebook so that they show up on a school or district’s timeline. The impact will be quite evident in a short amount of time as followers increase in number and promoting the great things that go on everyday becomes commonplace.


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Brad Currie

Brad Currie is the Middle School Dean of Students and Supervisor of Instruction for the Chester School District in Chester, NJ. He is the co-founder and co-moderator of #Satchat on Twitter. Brad is passionate educational technology and social media in the school setting.

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