March 2, 2013 by Brad Currie

The #Satchat Set at NASSP Ignite ’13.

All I can say is Wow! The NASSP Ignite ’13 Conference was an unbelievable opportunity for lead learners from around the world to come together in one place with one sole purpose of improving our craft. Never in my life did I make so many connections with like-minded educators who were innovative and truly cared about seeing kids succeed. Twitter played a powerful role leading up to, during, and after the actual conference. This was the first time, and I think I am speaking for many who attended, that I went into a conference knowing many of the people who were going. This was made possible by the connections on Twitter that I had made since the fall of 2011. The sessions and keynotes were tremendous and allowed participants to really think about the innovative impact they can have on their schools.

Todd Whitaker and Eric Sheninger chatting up during the NASSP Conference.

The learning sessions were absolutely amazing. Being able to interact with and learn from people such as Todd Whitaker, Eric Sheninger, Jimmy Casas, Daisy Dyer Duer, Carrie Jackson, and Leslie Esneault was truly amazing. The streaming live #Satchat discussion on “Igniting Your Passion as a School Leader” was an experience I will never forget. Kudos to the NASSP Ignite ’13 organizing team for putting on a great conference and leveraging the power of social media to engage participants near and far. In case you missed out on all the great things shared via the #nassp13 hashtag, here is the link: http://storify.com/bcurrie5/nassp13-recap.


Iowa High School Principal of the Year Jimmy Casas speaking to a sold out crowd during his session.

The Keynote from Scott Klososky was tremendous and gave everyone much for food for thought, especially how Google Glass will transform education. Seeing Secretary of Education Arne Duncan live in person was a special treat. Thanks to Carrie Jackson, one of three NASSP Digital Principals of the Year, I was able to ask him a question via Twitter. There were many funny stories, from toothpick games, to guacamole bowls, to finishing other people’s plates of food.

Eric Sheninger and I on the set of #Satchat.

Eric Sheninger and I on the set of #Satchat.

Leslie Esneault and I with a #Satchat signed Nick Saban Crimson Tide shirt.

Leslie Esneault and I with a #Satchat signed Nick Saban Crimson Tide shirt.

I was truly honored to connect with so many like minded educators such as National Middle School Principal of the Year Laurie Barron and National High School Principal of the Year Trevor Greene. I am definitely a better lead learner from all of the experiences I was exposed during the NASSP Ignite ’13 Conference. My extended PLN family has influenced me for the better and will enable me to do bigger and better things in months and years to come.

Cast of characters enjoying dinner at NASSP.

Cast of characters enjoying dinner at NASSP.


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Brad Currie

Brad Currie is the Middle School Dean of Students and Supervisor of Instruction for the Chester School District in Chester, NJ. He is the co-founder and co-moderator of #Satchat on Twitter. Brad is passionate educational technology and social media in the school setting.

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