Ten Tools to Start a Twitter Chat


August 19, 2013 by Brad Currie

Looking to start a Twitter chat in the near future? Here are ten tools to help with the process:

Eric Sheninger and I on the set of #Satchat.

Eric Sheninger and I on the set of #Satchat at NASSP Ignite ’13.


The #Satchat Crew with @Principal_El at EdCamp NJ.

The #Satchat Crew with @Principal_El at EdCamp NJ.

1. Twitter ~ This will be used to hold the chat. Make sure to choose a simple hashtag name and use the Q1/A1 format in order for participants to follow the discussion. Promote your Twitter discussion on a daily basis leading up to the chat.

2. Buffer  ~ This tool allows users to pre-schedule Tweets.

3. Storify ~ This tool enables Twitter chats to be archived and disseminated to participants.

4. TweetBinder ~ Great analytic tool that will break down and archive a Twitter chat.

5. Audioboo ~ Promote your upcoming Twitter chat with this podcasting tool.

6. Tellagami ~ Let your gravatar do the promoting with this fun app.

7. Facebook ~ Start a Facebook fan page for your Twitter chat to keep people up to date.

8. Smore ~ Promote live streaming Twitter chats with this online poster tool.

9. Google+ ~ Create an online community specifically tailored to your chat’s audience.

10. Linkedin ~ Another way to stay connected with your Twitter chat audience.

***Bonus Link***

Click here for the great @CybraryMan1 (Jerry Blumengarten) vast webpage on all things Twitter Chats.


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  2. It is a great post for every twitter lover. They can able to get some new ideas from this post. Whenever a person looking for getting the best result on his twitter profile, must know about some proper tactics.

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